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Who Am I?

I am a conservative, a cynic, and an unrepentant flag-waving patriotic American. I love and am thankful for My Country. I’m employed full-time, blog part-time and try to live life all the time, except when I’m asleep, or dodging cars. My fur is mostly caramel in color and there are two fetching white stripes that run all the way down my back. I hoard nuts, enjoy seeds and berries, and wield dark force powers.

Fear me.

Seriously though?

I have been asked, “Who are you?” But there’s no compelling reason to use or reveal my real name or provide any identifying information. I realize that impacts my credibility. But I’m nobody anyways, so … what credibility? I have a B.S. in Sociology from State College and was an average student. I don’t hold an advanced degree and didn’t attend a prestigious university for a post graduate degree. I’m not a lawyer, author, politician, scientist, historian or journalist. I’m not famous, rich, brilliant or handsome. I’m far from perfect, and make mistakes all the time. I’m just an average, ordinary guy.

So what’s with the politics?

I live among virulently progressive liberals in an exceedingly blue state. I have lived here my whole life. Yet I am a conservative. Why? How?

I’ve heard their opinions and positions for over 40 years (whether I’ve wanted to or not), and liberal philosophy ultimately leaves me unconvinced. At the heart of our disagreements lie fundamental differences in how we perceive life and the human condition. This perception impacts our views on everything from the family to religion to economics to climate change to world politics.

But in addition to progressive opinions and positions, I witness ample evidence every day that progressive / liberal governance is a failure. James Taranto puts it best:

[Obama’s] presidency has been an almost unmitigated disaster for progressive liberalism, nearly every tenet of which has been revealed to be untenable either practically, politically or both.

Under the Obama Administration “Progressive” policy turns government into an expensive, bloated albatross around the necks of actual tax-paying citizens. Has it been successful? Only if you don’t believe your lying eyes. Frankly, Obama has been an utter failure. And he’s failed miserably in the one critical area I sincerely wanted him to succeed: In uniting our divided partisan nation. Ironically, his rhetoric has only served to widen the void between citizens, and his supporters are more strident than ever. For me it has done nothing but solidify my personal resolve to fight.

I’ve spent decades turning the other cheek to people who insist that I give them my sensitivity and respect while freely ignoring and assaulting mine, and it has become too much to take. When people who don’t even know you (and plenty who do) believe:

  • the only reason you could disagree with President Obama is because you’re intolerant and racist,
  • the only reason you could be conservative is because you’re blindly partisan, uninformed and gullible,
  • the only reason you could support the traditional family is because you’re hateful and homophobic,
  • the only reason you could support a baby’s right-to-life is because you’re at war with women,
  • the only reason you could love America and support our troops is because you’re a bully, warmonger and tyrant,
  • the only reason you could have faith in God and Jesus Christ is because you’re brainwashed and unintelligent,
  • the only reason you could support the right to bear arms is because you’re a violent, slope-headed neanderthal,
  • the only reason you could support free-enterprise and capitalism is because you’re greedy and unethical,

…and on and on, at what point would you begin to resent their self-serving tolerance, open-mindedness and “celebration of diversity” as they constantly beat you over the head with their own ugly stereotypes?

And what happens when you push good and reasonable people too far?

I can’t just sit on the sidelines anymore. So I join the war. I didn’t want it. But here I am. And I am ALL IN.


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