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When Environmentalism Becomes Religion

There’s a refreshing article over at The Guardian from Climate Scientist Tamsin Edwards concerned about the damage done to science by political advocacy in her movement: I believe advocacy by climate scientists has damaged trust in the science. We risk … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

Michael Mann: The Kerry Gauthier of Climate Science! Sue me. Please. I need the money. -Stacy McCain

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Amtrak and the Normalcy of Debt

If you’ve never heard of a P&L, or had to make payroll, or you’ve worked for government all your life, Amtrak’s loss on food service, as reported by the Washington Examiner, won’t seem like that big of a deal: Taxpayers … Continue reading

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Monbiot: “We Were Wrong On Peak Oil”

How did I miss this? The facts have changed, now we must change too. For the past 10 years an unlikely coalition of geologists, oil drillers, bankers, military strategists and environmentalists has been warning that peak oil – the decline … Continue reading

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Holder Contempt Now Truly Bipartisan

This morning I posted on Democrat Jim Matheson’s stated intention to vote for Eric Holder’s contempt, suggesting it blew a big hole in the “partisan witch hunt” meme. But now the floodgates have opened. FoxNews is reporting (emphasis mine): The … Continue reading

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Holder Contempt a Partisan Witch Hunt? Not So Fast!

Congress continues to move forward toward bringing contempt charges against Attorney General Eric Holder. Democrats and the press have maintained that the probe into the “Fast and Furious” gun walking scandal is a partisan witch hunt. About that, the Salt … Continue reading

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Homosexual Hero Arrested for Child Porn

SF Weekly is reporting that 66 year-old gay rights icon Larry Brinkin, who led the fight for same-sex-marriage was arrested for possession of child pornography last Friday night. According to the article: SFPD acted after receiving a tip from the … Continue reading

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