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The Seattle Times is quite concerned that after a year of investigation, they still don’t understand Adam Lanza’s motives in the Newtown Massacre. “…they were unable to answer the question that everyone has been asking since the tragedy: Why?” They are too busy wringing their hands over “Child” and “Autism” and “Guns”, twisting their brains into a progressive knot of political correctness and fashionable open-mindedness to realize that this isn’t a mystery: Adam Lanza was evil.
If I were a Democrat who openly supported Obama and engaged in ObamaCare discussions supporting the system and/or attacking its detractors, I’d be getting pretty embarrassed. Humiliated, even. Definitely frustrated. Probably a bit resentful. And maybe even a bit angry. I’m not saying that you liberals should do some soul-searching or question your arrogant yet naive socialist worldview. I’m not saying that Democrats are going to become increasingly unpopular as ObamaCare continues its roll out, and there’s nothing anyone can do to save you or it. But given Obama’s cratering popularity, I’d really think twice before bringing it up this Thanksgiving. Discretion is the better part of valor. Just saying.
Ace has a post up about the remake of “Roadhouse.” They start giving Hollywood a rough time at the end, regarding how low “The Idea Factory” has sunk:

It’s a piece of crap movie. I cannot imagine why anyone would even consider remaking it. It would be like choosing some trivial wrestling movie from 1938 — yeah, they used to make movies about wrestling, that was a thing — to remake.

Apparently, literally all movies and tv shows with the slightest amount of name recognition will be remade/rebooted.

I honestly don’t know what the cut-off is, here. If Roadhouse is now a property ripe for exploitation, based upon the 400 people who liked Roadhouse, then what movie or TV wouldn’t they remake?

Man from Atlantis? Manimal? Momma’s Family? My Two Dads? Silver Spoons: The Movie?

Honestly? My concern isn’t that Hollywood will remake the crap, it’s that they’ll remake GOOD movies that should be left alone. Are you ready for the reboot of Gone with the Wind or Taxi Driver? How about The Godfather or The Wizard of Oz? Or One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest or Casablanca? Or maybe a more current film: The Shawshank Redemption, Star Wars, or Pulp Fiction? Maybe Apocalypse Now, ET or even Jaws? Psycho and True Grit have already received the treatment. And weren’t they wonderful?
Evil Wal-Mart is in trouble again. Their employees are taking to the pavement on Friday to protest the poor wages. The immediate problem is that most of them aren’t employees. The group, the Organization United for Respect at Walmart (OUR Walmart), is a offshoot of the United Food and Commercial Workers retail union (UFCW). But yea, totally grass roots.

The long-term problem is the continuing degradation of the American Spirit. Fast food and retail jobs are traditionally the domain of high-school aged people. These are entry-level stepping-stone jobs meant for people who have limited expenses as they are under the wing of parents or living with 4 or 5 friends in an apartment. But today these jobs are taken by unskilled adults lacking in drive but filled to the brim with notions of their own self-worth.

“Walmart and the Waltons seem to be fine with the financial struggles that we’re all facing,” Colorado Walmart employee Barbara Gertz said in an OUR Walmart release. “We’re are all in the same situation, one that Walmart creates by paying us poverty wages.”

These utter morons actually expect that a job at Wal-Mart should pay well enough to make a livelihood. Should a Wal-Mart Greeter be able to make a mortgage payment and feed and clothe a family? That is insane. On the other hand, virtually every high-schooler technically falls below the poverty line and nobody says squat. Fairly glaring disconnect, yes? Nope and Shut up. So let’s blame Wal-Mart and agitate for more money. That will fix everything, at least until next time.

I’m a hard-hearted conservative because I think these people should show a little backbone, embrace the American Spirit and work hard to develop skills, whether with the hands or the mind (or both!). Develop yourself and move up. Be better. Do better. It’s hard. It kicks your ass. And failures and setbacks WILL happen. Don’t blame. Don’t make excuses. Don’t accept excuses from others. Persevere and the rewards will come; you’ll set your own wage, hours, work environment and more. On the other hand, if you settle, and park in front of a shelf at Wal-Mart stocking toilet paper and doritos, you’ll find yourself fifty years old *still* unskilled and *still* poor because your only hope is the Unions and the scraps they’ll throw to you for the rest of your life. Freedom of choice is a wonderful thing. It allows us to pursue our dreams. But it also allows us to be complete fools.

Here’s a hint from the Squirrel Kingdom: You humans are the only species on the planet that consciously chooses NOT to pursue your dreams and instead, settle. Congratulations on your wise utilization of the freedoms you have. Idiots.

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