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H/T Zero Hedge, “Real Unemployment Rate Hits 11.7% As Spread Between Reported And Propaganda Data Hits Record“:

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Cutter and Unemployment

I thought the Democrats couldn’t get any more obvious and hyper-partisan than shameless Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Then they rolled out Stef Cutter. Just wow: I think that worker probably has a good understanding of what’s happened over the past four … Continue reading

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The Results Of Obamanomics

Geoffrey Norman at The Weekly Standard: The 8.3 percent unemployment figure is not merely unacceptable, it is misleading.  Things are worse than that number would have one believe.  If “labor force participation” had remained as high as it had been … Continue reading

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Reality versus the Media’s Narrative (H/T: Zero Hedge):

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Random Thoughts

DL Hughley reaffirms that I am a racist who resents a black President. Isn’t life in Obama’s post-racial America wonderful? Romney won’t take questions from the Press at Polish Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and is taunted by the press. … Continue reading

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Zuckerman: Real unemployment rate is around 15 percent

From US News and World Report: What do you want first, the bad news or the even worse news? The bad news is the disappointing June unemployment numbers released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The worse news is that … Continue reading

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Chart-Fu: Friday Two-for-One

First up, I’m sure you recognize the Obama Stimulus chart. Let’s see the latest update from AEI: And then there’s the chart comparing the Public and Private sectors, courtesy Heritage.org. Remember the President said the Private Sector is “Doing fine”:

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