Random Thoughts

  • I stopped following Wil Wheaton on Twitter a while ago. Good at first, but he lost me. This article at Sundries Shack explains why.
  • Finally! Those evil bastards at Gibson pay for their evil, evil bastardishness. Forget that the company was brutal in criticizing the Obama administration. I’m sure that stuff was just a coincidence. The President and Justice Department would never do anything that smacked of intimidation or punishing opposition.
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2 Responses to Random Thoughts

  1. arnonerik says:

    D.L. Hughley’s opinion was entertaining in that I am always amused by supposedly intelligent commentators using the race card without any facts other than their own racial bias to back them up.

    My proof: Show me one Democrat U. S, Representative who comes from a district that is not predominantly Black. I can show you several Republicans who do. (I purposely left off the Black designation when talking about Republicans because we don’t see color until you force us to by your racist comments.) When and if Mr. Hughley gets over deciding on everything in his life mainly by a person’s race, we will welcome him to the GOP or/and the Tea Party too.

  2. arnonerik says:

    Who ever said Obama’s experience as a Community Organizer would not be usefull as President. You have you admire how deftly Obama and Holder used the Justice department to hammer Gibson, an innocent man, employing many people, to pay up a huge fine or face more trumped up charges and continued harassment. Even a wealthy man can’t compete legally with all the governmant shysters in the Justice Department. You can’t fight the White House! In Chicago we used to say you can’t fight city hall. Obama and Holder didn’t waste their time learning the Chicago way. Give Obama 4 more years and he will turn this country into a bananna republic or worse.

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