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Chipmunk Haiku – Labor Day Weekend Edition

Yes, you have enough. No, you don’t need any more. Back to work, Comrade!

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Friday Morning News and Links

Gateway Pundit: That’s Odd?… Three-Fifths of Milwaukee’s Black Voters Have Vanished Without a Trace Walter Russell Mead: Union Bosses Living Large Twitchy: Pull up a chair for the newest Internet craze: #Eastwooding Politico: David Koch breaks from GOP on gay marriage, … Continue reading

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Chipmunk Haiku

You didn’t build that. Someone else built that for you. God, I miss Reagan.

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Thursday News and Links – Part II

Allergic to Bull: The Democratic Party Wasn’t Ready for a Black President Gateway Pundit: Obama Sent Personal Letter of Condolence to Rapper’s Family… Sent Form Letter to Families of Fallen SEALs Breitbart: Is DOJ ‘Community Organizing’ Occupy Activists at the … Continue reading

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Rice Nails It

In listening to Condi Rice’s speech, there was a particular passage that resonated with me and (in my furry opinion) perfectly encapsulates why America is flailing within, why the world is in relative chaos, and why the American and world … Continue reading

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Thursday Morning News and Links

Wall Street Journal: The Ryan Difference: Romney’s veep choice has lifted his campaign. Daily Caller: The DC Morning: Condi killed it Breitbart: Egyptian Military Ignores U.S. Request, Opens Suez Canal for Iranian Warship Daily Mail: Ask Me (Almost) Anything: President … Continue reading

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Racism, Ewoks and Obama’s Retirement

I was going to write a witty and insightful posting about racism and the media meme. Ellen Barkin and Samuel L. Jackson and Toure and Tingles Matthews were up first, followed by David Chalian who was fired by Yahoo for … Continue reading

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