Holder Contempt a Partisan Witch Hunt? Not So Fast!

Congress continues to move forward toward bringing contempt charges against Attorney General Eric Holder. Democrats and the press have maintained that the probe into the “Fast and Furious” gun walking scandal is a partisan witch hunt.

About that, the Salt Lake Tribune is reporting:

Rep. Jim Matheson will vote to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress for withholding documents pertaining to a failed Justice Department sting that let guns get into the hands of drug runners.

Matheson, D-Utah, announced his position Tuesday, joining House Republicans, such as Utah Reps. Rob Bishop and Jason Chaffetz, who have railed against Holder’s reaction to the congressional probe into the Justice Department’s “Fast and Furious” operation.

And Matheson directly addresses the partisan aspect of the coverage and then gets to the heart of the matter (emphasis mine):

“It just compounds the tragedy when both sides play politics instead of releasing the facts. The Terry family, the public and Congress deserve answers,” Matheson said. “Sadly, it seems that it will take holding the attorney general in contempt to communicate that evasiveness is unacceptable.”

So now that a Democrat has joined in asking for Holder contempt proceedings to go ahead, will we continue to hear the media and Democrats cry that this is all a partisan hit job?

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