More On The FRC Shooting

Ace has a quick write-up hitting on the environment that enabled the shooter:

Chris Matthews, of course, did not cover the story at all. I assume he is on the “pro” side of murdering Republicans, because he used to rage quite insanely if someone so much as criticized Obama. That, he contended, could lead to political violence.

Well here is actual political violence, and he’s apparently okay with it. Not even worth a mention.

I’ve talked about this before– if the liberals’ position is that a failure to expressly and vigorously repudiate political violence encourages violence (something I actually agree with), what does it say when they absolutely refuse so condemn a shooting of a man at a conservative organization?

But it wasn’t a “conservative organization” to progressives, he isn’t a “shooter,” and there’s nothing to condemn. After all, why in the world would they condemn a protester for vandalizing a hate group?

I’m inspired to a special Haiku:

Destroy the hate group.
It is the least we can do.
No need to thank us.

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