WaPo: More Secret Service Problems

Secret Service misconduct in Colombia was an isolated incident, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee just yesterday. However, this morning  the Washington Post calls that conclusion into question with their article, “Lawmaker confirms Secret Service investigating new misconduct allegations.” It almost gives the impression that our Federal leadership is either completely incompetent or lying right to our faces or both.

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One Response to WaPo: More Secret Service Problems

  1. arnonerik says:

    Starting with Obama, the leaders of this administration are all flagrant liars. Holder is being charged with contempt of Congress for lying under oath, Timothy Geitner is a notorious liar he is thought of as a joke by even the French economists, Biden lies are so obvious he is funny, and Carney has to try to make them all look good, which is something that would be impossible if all you had was the truth. Even Obama’s campaign, especially his campaign, is built entirely on mis-direction, distortions, and outright lies.
    Napolitano is such a serial liar she even has herself convinced. She would not even recognize the truth unless it snuck-up behind and bit her on her copious rear which I hope happens soon.

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