Hard Truth for the Media

Teresa in Ft Worth brings the truth to the media over at RedState:

An uncomfortable truism of the free market is that there are ALWAYS other choices. And consumers tend to go with the “brands” that they know they can trust. That’s just as true for laundry detergent as it is for news sources.

Once a company has lost the trust and respect of their customers, they almost never recover, and eventually most of them have to close their doors.

At this point, given the information at my fingertips on the Internet, it’s relatively easy to verify news sources and double-check. As a result, I no longer take anything the media says with more than a grain of salt. The once mighty Time Magazine is a pathetic shadow of its former self. The New York Times circulation is tumbling 9% year over year. The Television Media is a bad joke – I don’t even turn it on for background noise. And my little local paper that had a circulation of well over  15,000 when I was a delivery boy has plummeted to nearly 5,000. They’ve stopped Monday publication and are considering dropping a second day. The old media is doomed.

Here’s more reality, delivered by Andrew Breitbart:

I always thought that the people in the media lean to the left. I always thought that my neighbors in the media leaned to the left. But when they act like a provost at a politically correct university and tell people to “Shut up,” I don’t think that they’re – no longer can they be called objective journalists. They’re playing for the other side. They’ve been part of demonizing good and decent people. They tried to defeat the Tea Party and when they failed, just like their desire to create a Rush Limbaugh and it failed at Air America, they want what they can’t have and they try to recreate it. They wanted their Tea Party and what did they create? They created the Occupy Movement.

There’s too much fake news out there floated for no other reason than to support The Narrative. And every day more people are waking up to the embarrassing realization that their “trusted sources” have been lying to them.

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