Jerry Brown: Arrogant Progressive

The war is on. When California’s Democrat Governor, who is in charge of a Democrat state with a Democrat senate and assembly has the temerity to actually vocalize that the opposition is the problem, what can one possibly say in response? Realize that Republicans have no control or power in this state. The suggestion that they are somehow stopping Brown from doing anything is unbelievable. Yet that is exactly his contention:

“I think the Republicans have to move out of that reactionary cul-de-sac that some of the more extreme members are pushing them,” Brown told host Bob Schieffer. “There’s an enforcement of discipline that’s ideological and, as was mentioned today in The Washington Post, takes on the quality of a cult.”

A cult. Like Jim Jones. And this is my Governor. And he’s talking about me.

But the great politician he is, he points out that there’s blame to go around on both sides:

“The great power can’t govern itself with this kind of dysfunction. It just won’t work,” Brown said.

Referring to political gridlock, Brown told Schieffer, “We’re in a much more adversarial environment. We’ve always had it historically, but now it’s ramped up several degrees.

I agree. But I have some bad news for you Jerry. Calling me a cultist while you push my state off the cliff with your radical progressive nonsense while shifting blame to the impotent Republicans isn’t going to “bring me around.” Quite the opposite. Your rhetoric is a cancer. You divide us by design and point fingers. If you think things have “ramped up several degrees” just wait. Because we’re just getting warmed up. This is going to get very, very ugly.

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