Climate Change Nonsense

From the “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up” Dept.: Professor Kari Norgaard has presented a paper in which she argues that “cultural resistance” to accepting the premise that humans are responsible for climate change “must be recognized and treated” as an aberrant sociological behavior… noting that overcoming such viewpoints poses a similar challenge “to racism or slavery in the U.S. South.”

Never mind that climate change alarmists data is continually proven to be politicized, agenda driven and downright inaccurate, not to mention deliberately ignorant of scientific method and rife with logical fallacies…

Here’s an open letter she wrote to President Obama. Clearly she is a deep thinker. Note the absence of any scientific discussion whatsoever while suggesting that Exxon-Mobil’s power is the reason people are skeptical;  this is unabashed advocacy. Not surprising from an activist with a B.S. in Biology and a Masters and PHD in Sociology.

“The science is settled!!! Shut up!” they argued.

Exit question: If I’m a serious scientific climatologist, is this the kind of help I want?

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