Nolte: Why Conservatives Must Join the Battle for America On Twitter

John Nolte has a great piece up over at Breitbart:

A narrative had grown on New Media, damaged their candidate, and by the time the corrupt media got around to attempting to destroy the credibility of the story and, quite reprehensibly, the men who told it, it was too late.

The media cried “Never again!” and, as a result, birthed an unholy set of twins to back that cry up: Media Matters and a number of corrupt truth squads and fact checkers, like Politifact.


it’s 2012, and Twitter has not only changed everything, it’s allowing everyday American conservatives the opportunity to beat Media Matters and these corrupt fact checkers at their own game.

And more:

Try as they might, whether it’s about Obama eating a dog, the hypocrisy of the War on Women, or the real facts behind the economic “recovery”; the media cannot ignore a conversation being had by millions upon millions of citizens. Most importantly, they can’t filter or control that conversation. If the media won’t tell the truth or point out the hypocrisies, we will — and the media not only can’t stand that, they’re also forced to grudgingly cover it or look completely out of step with what the “real news” is.

[Added:] Ace of Spades HQ commenter and blogger Empire of Jeff connects the dots.

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