Obama’s Religion: Off Limits. Romney’s Religion: Fair Game.

This past weekend we saw the Obama Campaign attack Mitt Romney for an unaffiliated ad campaign that was going to go after Obama’s association with Reverend Wright, the hush money he was offered, and the personal visit from Obama telling him to keep quiet. But even as Obama’s religious ties are declared off-limits, the NY Times dutifully attacks Romney by visiting his church in an attempt to dig up some dirt:

“What we were really looking at is the biographical influence of faith on Mitt Romney’s life,” [Jodi] Kantor explained.

While Kantor concedes “nobody thinks that as president he would sort of impose Mormon doctrine or rule with, you know, a Bible on his desk in the Oval Office and make decisions that way,” she investigated how he applies his religion to political and personal decisions.

Kantor says she found out that Romney like to pray “quite a lot” and “quite seriously” on both political and business decisions.

“We’re talking about much more subtle matters of world view, of morality, of values,” Kantor told MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts. “And so some of things that we see he learned from the church is a real emphasis on persistence and resilience, a real emphasis on rules and another interesting thing I learned is that prayer plays a huge role in the way he sort of approaches the world and makes decisions. He prays quite a lot, quite seriously and he has prayed on both political and business decisions.”

Funny how the role of faith and related values and morality are important when the media discusses Mitt Romney. But the Anti-American rants of Rev. Wright and their impacts on Obama’s values and morality are irrelevant.

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