There’s a Reason California is Boned

From Breitbart, “59% of Californians Happy to Raise Taxes“:

Despite the fact that the projected budget deficit has risen from $9.2 billion to $16 billion, and despite the fact that Brown wants an $0.0025 increase (1/4 of a cent) in the sales tax and a significant elevation of the state income tax for those earning more than $250,000, half of Californians approve of his job performance.

Unbelievably, even when voters heard that “Sacramento could waste any new money it received from higher taxes rather than spend it on such services as schools and public safety – only 50% said they would vote for it. And 42% would oppose it.”

That’s stunning. Even when told that the government will blow any new tax money, Californians are still happy to raise taxes.

The smart money already left California. And then there’s this:

Of course, that has something to do with the fact that a vast swath of Californians essentially pay no income tax. California is a preview for the nation – and it’s lagging just behind Greece. If Americans embrace the California mentality, America’s fiscal situation is even more disturbing than previously thought.

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