Dear Juan Williams

Dear Juan Williams:

I am nobody. Yes, I am a “blogger,” but not really. I’m just some schlub who bought a URL, paid for hosting, installed WordPress and started news aggregation of stories he likes and politics he agrees with. I don’t generate my own content, other than added snark and occasional sophomoric commentary, and after months of work have two regular readers, both of whom I bribed.

I am nobody. Unlike even lowly Michelle Malkin, I haven’t written a book. I also have no journalistic background. No experience doing interviews, investigations or even basic research. There’s no compelling reason for ANYONE to read my drivel or take it as serious journalism.

Here’s the thing: That’s not the point. I am an American. And I don’t care if you or anyone else reads what these pages contain. I will not be silenced. Or intimidated. I have every right to stand on my soapbox and shout my opinions to the heavens, should I choose. And you can feel free to ignore me or even disagree or even attack the messenger. But realize I am here because I have been shouted down, maligned, ignored and disrespected for my conservative views. There’s no reason for me to tolerate that prejudice.

I am just a citizen. There’s just one voice. My voice.


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