The Media Is Corrupt

Of course, you knew that.

“No longer can they be called objective journalists. They’re playing for the other side.”  -Andrew Breitbart

MSNBC gleefully trotted out a doctored, edited slam on Mitt Romney. Dubbed “Wawagate,” it used his words out of context and removed clarifying remarks in a deliberate effort to make him sound out-of-touch.

And it would have worked.

Except someone in the crowd had a camera and released the uncut footage. In it, everyone can hear what Romney really said, and hear that he’s making a reasonable point. And everyone knows that the mainstream media is absolutely desperate to protect their President, no matter the cost.

My point, directed at the MSM, is simple:

I see you for what you are.

Takeaway: Going to any sort of political event? Take your video camera. Record everything.

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