Mitchell’s Mute Response Speaks Volumes

After slamming Republican Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney with a deceptively edited video, MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell was exposed by Soopermexican and the mocking across New Media began. In response, Mitchell made the following comment in her show today:

“We ran clips of Mitt Romney in Cornwall, Pennsylvania, talking about his trip to WaWa. Well, the RNC and the campaign both reached out to us saying that Romney had more to say about that visit — about federal bureaucracy and innovation in the private sector. We didn’t get a chance to play that, so here it is now.”

Didn’t get a chance. Didn’t get a chance!? Is that why she characterized the piece yesterday by calling it Romney’s “Supermarket scanner moment” in an obvious reference to Bush41?

Quoting Patterico for the takeaway:

When I first heard about this, I went through three stages of reaction:

  1. That deception is an outrage!
  2. Who cares if Romney didn’t know about WaWa whatever?
  3. This is all they got? We’re gonna win, aren’t we?

John Sexton at Breitbart concludes:

How would this story have gone today if not for one guy with a flip-cam waiting in the crowd there in Cornwall, PA so he could hand Romney his book on hemp (yes, really). All of the garbage the left piled up today would likely have gone unchallenged right through to the election if not for that video. But thanks to Les Stark (who shot the clip) and a conservative blogger, Sooper Mexican, who was paying attention to the media spin, we got the truth. Thanks to those two gentlemen, today was another win for the new media. Still, it makes you wonder how many times the left has gotten away with this sort of nonsense because we didn’t have the video or weren’t paying close enough attention to debunk their junk as it happened.

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