Circling the Drain

I see this kind of ugliness, and I simply don’t see how we as a culture will survive:

Yes, that’s a tweet from the St. Petersburg/Tampa New Black Panther Party calling for the killing of white people. In America. In 2012.

And they’re not done:

If someone wants to correct me, I’ll happily, thankfully and with relief retract my mistaken interpretation of these tweets… but they seem fairly clear to me.

Yesterday after Aaron Walker was SWATted, Ali A Akbar of the National Bloggers Club tweeted:

We have got to tone this all down. For the physical safety and #freespeech rights entitled to all. #brettkimberlin

— Ali A. Akbar (@ali) June 26, 2012

I’m sorry to be such a cynic, but I no longer believe that is possible. While the right and conservatism turns the other cheek, liberals and progressives stand on the throat of our society. NO MORE.

This isn’t a civics exercise or some sort of word play. This isn’t a game. These bastards are playing for real and they don’t give a damn about equality or fairness as long as they win and the opposition shuts up. As we approach the election, the rhetoric and vitriol will make the anti-Bush anti-war protests look like a respectful candlelight vigil. Ace hit on it yesterday when he posted (emphasis mine):

Remember what I was saying in the comments on Friday, about the psychological shock of the coming repudiation, and how it would become a Concern (capital intended) as some people simply went crazy?

Bear in mind, this is but the pre-Spasmodic Freakout. This is just dress rehearsal for the full derangement of the left.

This is a critical point: The current progressive left can not fathom that socialism doesn’t work in practice. This is why Obama is starting to be thrown under the bus. Socialism is not the problem, it’s just that Obama can’t implement it right.

I’m not enjoying this. In fact, I think the whole thing sucks. 6 or 7 years ago I told my liberal buddy that things were going to get ugly because conservatives weren’t going to take it forever. He agreed, but he also laughed it off. In 2008 I was sort of relieved when Obama won. I was weary of the rhetoric and the division. At least with Obama in the White House, the left would be satisfied and we would have some peace.

But they weren’t and we didn’t. IMMEDIATELY after the election we saw the flood of “Is Conservatism Dead?” headlines, opinions and outright wish casting in the media. The right was told that we would have to be less conservative. Google “Is Conservatism Dead” and see for yourself. There are nearly 6 1/2 million hits. Obama, the great uniter, chose not to use inclusive language to heal our internal divide. Instead he said, “I won.” The Tea Party was vilified. OWS was applauded. And as my home value and net worth plummet, and the prospect for secure, long-term employment become a historical American footnote, the government talks about more taxes and my neighbors call me racist for resisting our benevolent masters. And the left has the temerity to call me uncivil as I watch OWS’ ongoing crime spree that includes murders, rapes, vandalism and much more, and witness the SWATting of conservative bloggers.

And I haven’t even returned to the Black Panthers and the dramatically increasing racial division that has become a cancer in the United States, courtesy of Obama and the open minded progressive left. I haven’t mentioned the manufactured war on women. I haven’t discussed the obvious pandering to special interest groups (Homosexuals, I’m looking at you). I haven’t hinted at the cynical abuse of immigrants in the Hispanic community being traded “amnesty” for their votes. And I barely said a word about the leftist mainstream media carrying Obama’s water while viciously attacking anything and anyone opposing him.

I can appreciate Ali’s point that “we have got to tone this all down.” And in fact I agree with him. But so does the Institutional Left who echo with concern that “the right needs to tone this all down, just like Ali said. And Ali is correct to point out the violent nature of the radical right.”A deliberate belligerent misinterpretation.

That’s our reality. It’s time to act accordingly.


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