Afternoon Snark

I’m glad to be a simple ground squirrel. Life is relatively simple and there’s plenty to keep me occupied. Nut gathering, berry picking, chasing the guys into the street in front of cars, hitting the hummingbird feeder (terrible hangover), horizontal mambo with Trixie… erm Mrs. Chipmunk, the raging Crow Wars (Marmotania has always been at war with the Corvidae, as if you didn’t know) and I can go on and on. anyway, “there’s lots going on” is my point.

Work has been a bear today and I’ve got to get back to it.

  • Anderson Cooper: White and Male. And in other news the sky is blue, Roseanne Barr is batshit crazy, the sun sets in the west and Anderson Cooper is gay. You’re welcome.
  • So, am I the only one concerned that the people running our Government fail to understand the concept of “checks and balances”?
  • I don’t get it. ObamaCare was NOT a tax, Obama (and his lawyers) said so. Then SCOTUS says it IS a tax, and that’s the only reason it’s constitutional. And now the administration swears up and down it’s NOT a tax. Wait… what?
  • Look! Unemployment! Manufacturing!
  • How long before Waxman gets the Corey Booker treatment?
  • How about that Religion of Peace ™?
  • Crazy Scary People Being Crazy and Scary: Rauhauser and Sockpuppets
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