The Left Damages Itself

From Patterico:

I’m a supporter of gay marriage and gay rights, but this kind of thing really makes me angry. I’m not going to stop supporting gay rights just because some other supporters are hateful, disgusting people. But I did experience a flash of anger where I thought about it. When I read this kind of thing, I had a feeling pass across me that I don’t want to be associated with these people in any way. Let them fight their battles on their own, if this is how they’re going to act, went the thought.

The thought came, and then passed as quickly as it had come. I thought of the good people I know who are gay, and who (I know) do not support such ugly sentiments. Why should those good people lose my support because of the nasties?

But that’s me.

I guarantee you that this kind of thing is going to lose other people.

Guarantee it.

So, to all you advocates of gay rights who don’t engage in this kind of ugly rhetoric, I say to you: you have a job to do. You need to talk to the people who leave comments like that, and make them stop.

It is not helping your cause. Not one bit.

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