Shepard Smith: Unclear on the Concept (Updated)

I continue to be struck by the public and media figures (and human beings) who, based on their comments about the Chick-fil-A appreciation day yesterday, can’t grasp the concept of liberty. NewsBusters is reporting that on his Fox News show Studio B, Shepard Smith noted that it was “National Badminton Day” as they were about to cut to break. He continued,

“Forget National Day of Intolerance, let’s just stay with badminton.”

Sadly, Smith is poster boy for “Not Getting It.” This isn’t about homosexuals or same sex marriage or tolerance. It’s about Government Officials publicly intimidating Americans for their opinions and beliefs.

That said, I’m getting the clear impression that this whole battle isn’t about advocacy for same sex marriage or gay rights. It’s not enough that I accept that homosexuality is OK and that gays can marry. I must also publicly express support because if I don’t it proves I’m an intolerant homophobe. What’s more, I must expressly cease any statements of public support for traditional marriage because it’s hate speech.

This vilification of supporters of traditional marriage signals a turning point in this culture war: Heterosexuality and traditional families have become politically incorrect.



A record sales day

The Washington Examiner helps me drive home the point with the story of activist reporter Mark Krzos, with the News-Press in Southwest Florida, who said this on his facebook page:

“I have never felt so alien in my own country as I did today while covering the restaurant’s supporters.”

“The level of hatred, unfounded fear and misinformed people was astoundingly sad. I can’t even print some of the things people said.”

Truly twisted.

Meanwhile, there were no arrests. No incidents of violence. No windows broken. No spray paint. No fires.  Just people lining up and voting to support free speech with their dollars. Because that’s how patriotic Americans roll.

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3 Responses to Shepard Smith: Unclear on the Concept (Updated)

  1. Shuttle says:

    Aw. You’re the victim again. We’re so sorry.

    And “patriotic Americans” support free speech by eating greasy crap now that it’s branded as anti-gay greasy crap? Yowza, Jethro. Does this mean if I say my bridge is the Anti Gay Marriage Free Speech Bridge you’ll jump off it beecause that’s how patriotic Americans roll.

    Holy cow. You Teabaggers are dumber than I thought. And I thought you were blithering morons.

  2. Shuttle says:

    “Just people lining up and voting to support free speech with their dollars.”

    While you’re eating your processed swill you might acknowledge the gay people in uniform who support your free speech with more than their dollars, over your objections that they serve and without your support for their Constitutional right to equal protection. You can “roll” in line at a restaurant and feel like a tough patriot. They roll for you where rolling gets people killed.

  3. Zingo says:

    LOL…”I must be doing something right” because this asinine little hissy is getting attention?

    Maybe it’s that you’re being laughed at by three more people than usual, wilngnut.

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