Progressive Cognitive Dissonance

The left says Fox News is a partisan front for the republican party and not to be taken seriously. But the left obsesses over everything Fox broadcasts. It’s a strange strategy to suggest they are not worth listening to while forensically deconstructing all of their reporting.

The left says Rush Limbaugh is a gassy windbag. It’s a horror that he’s even still on the radio. But they simultaneously spend extraordinary effort to silence him through boycotts and campaigns.

What drove it home for me was Mitt Romney. First he was a flip-flopper, incapable of making a decision and sticking to it, and clearly not a serious candidate. Then he was the evil vulture capitalist at Bain, spreading corporate shutdowns, employee terminations and outsourcing like a plague. And now we’ve swung back to Romney the gaffe-laden “Wimp” who is too insecure for the job.

Seriously. Make up your damn minds. If Romney is so scary and evil, how do you expect me to believe he’s an incapable flip-flopper? And if he’s a “3 Stooges” level gaffetastic wimp, do you really expect me to bite on the evil “Darth Vader” of capitalism schtick?

What’s next? Mitt Romney: The Bumbling and Precise Financial Death Clown from Utah? I can see it now: “With his partner, ‘Roof’ the dog, who plays dead when Romney honks his horn or destroys a corporation! Yuk, Yuk!”

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