What War on Christianity?

War on Christianity?! That’s silly, they tell me. Only a crazy wingnut with a victim complex could even conceive such a patently and observably false premise. Millions of Christians live their lives every day without thoughts of “war” on their faith ever entering their minds. You’re just a paranoid winger, Mr. Chipmunk.

Uh huh. Sure I am.

  • ObamaCare’s mandate applies to Catholic organizations regardless of their religious objections, which are specifically and summarily rejected. This gives the troubling appearance that government is hostile to Christians.
  • President Obama famously denigrated Christians as bitterly clinging to their guns and bibles, suggesting the President doesn’t see Christian faith in very respectful terms.
  • A man who takes issue with the FRC’s faith-based objection to same-sex-marriage attacks the FRC and shoots a security guard before being subdued. The left is silent and the media is hushed, suggesting they don’t particularly object to violence against Christians.
  • Ugh… Google “Violence against Christians” and you get over 7 million results.

And there’s Islam. Egypt, now under control of the Muslim Brotherhood, has jihadi organizations offering rewards for the killing of Christian Copts (H/T Weasel Zippers):

Hours after leaflets from Egypt’s jihadi organizations were distributed promising to “reward” any Muslim who kills any Christian Copt in Egypt, specifically naming several regions including Asyut, a report recently appeared concerning the random killing of a Christian store-owner.

According to reporter Menna Magdi, writing in a report published August 14 and titled “The serial killing of Copts has begun in Asyut,” unidentified men stormed a shoe-store, murdering the Christian owner, Refaat Eskander early in the morning.

Sure is a good thing we got rid of Mubarak! This Arab Spring is really working out well. But wait! There’s Nigeria, and Indonesia, and the list can go on and on.

So, to summarize, Christians are not protected by our government or the Constitution. Christians are the object of derision and the victims of criminal violence by fellow Americans. Christians are literally being hunted in the Middle East and persecuted across the globe. Yet I’m a paranoid winger with a victim complex.

But hey, a reliable source that tells me President Obama says “Christianity is doing fine.”* So we’ve got that going for us.

*No, I can’t prove the President actually said that. But I heard it from a very reliable source. So you’ll have to take it up with Obama.

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