Remember When…

Remember 6 weeks ago when Mitt Romney was a wimp?

Apparently something has changed and he’s not as insecure as the progressives thought. It seems, in fact, that he’s downright dangerous and the left is changing its collective tune dramatically. Red Alert Politics is reporting that:

Patrick Gaspard, executive director of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), compared 2008 Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin to Lord Voldemort, the villian in the Harry Potter book and movie series.

After calling 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney “one of the of the most extreme right-wing candidates to ever have the Republican nomination,”

One day he’s a wimp, the next day he’s a vicious corporate raider, after that he’s a flip flopper, then he’s killing grandma, after that he’s magic underwear Mormon boy, then he’s evil rich, then he didn’t pay taxes. And dog on roof! Ugh.

During the primaries, voters paying any attention at all heard Republicans call him a squish and RINO and more, expressing frustration that Romney wouldn’t be true enough to conservatism. And now, he’s “one of the most extreme right-wing candidates ever”?!

Talk about hyperventilation! It’s making me dizzy. See, here’s the thing. I can hear the message that Romney’s an evil, rich, Mormon, corporate crushing entitlement killer. But it’s undercut by the Benny Hill music and the hapless doofus characterizations. Alternately I can hear the message that Romney’s a religious clown, a wimp and a rich, out-of-touch winger who doesn’t care about any of us and just wants to get richer on our tax dime. But that message is undercut by the deliberate corporate raider, business and job killer, throwing-grandpa-off-the-cliff characterization. The two arguments weaken each other.

What’s more telling is the observation that the guy has succeeded on his own by every measurable standard. From his own heart, head and faith, to his private sector experiences, to his personal and family economic well being, to the use of his own wealth towards charitable ends, to giving his entire inheritance to charity, and enjoying the blessing of a huge family and many grandchildren. From all accounts, a classic American success story.

But yea. Scary, rich, evil, wimp. And Seamus! (And Taxes!)

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