The Devastating Impact Of Knife Crime

Your read that headline right. Knife is not a new euphemism for gun.

From the “You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up” Department, the Telegraph is reporting on a 17 year old A student who was stabbed and killed after a “quiet house party” was flash mobbed by facebook “friends:”

Jay Whiston, 17, collapsed after being stabbed in the stomach during an altercation over a mobile phone at the party in a quiet suburb of Colchester, Essex.

Partygoers described how the well-behaved teenage gathering, at which the host’s parents were present, descended into chaos as a large number of uninvited guests turned up and began to cause trouble.

According to witnesses, Mr Whiston, who lived with his family in Clacton, was stabbed when he attempted to intervene in a row over a mobile phone.

Paramedics, who were called to Marlowe Way in Colchester shortly after 10pm on Saturday evening, rushed Mr Whiston to Colchester General Hospital but he was pronounced a short time later.

His mother, Caroline Shearer responded:

“There is no deterrent to stop people carrying knives – until that changes we will continue to lose good people like my son.”

I’m sorry for Caroline’s loss. But like most advocates of bans, she misses the forest for the trees. Humans adapt. When guns are unavailable, they use knives. If knives aren’t available then baseball bats. Then golf clubs. Then hammers. Then ice picks. Then screw drivers. Then gardening equipment. Then duct tape. Then shoe laces. Just use your imagination. And how do you ban hands and feet? Or teeth? Guns and knives are weapons, just like all the rest. But the weapon is unimportant when the wielder intends violence and murder.

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