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So… Egypt was an ally under Mubarak. But Mubarak had to be removed because Arab Spring. Now Egypt isn’t an ally under Morsi, who we helped bring into power.

Great job, Obama!

Meanwhile, as the Arab World burns, the Obama campaign distracts with yet more talk of Romney’s taxes. I guess they’re admitting that Romney’s tax returns will be more impactful and effective than Obama’s diplomacy. Ouch.

Hey, how about those college transcripts, Barry?

Obama regularly touts his signature achievement while in office: The killing of Osama Bin Laden. How do you think he feels about the graffiti on the US Embassy in Egypt, “Take care America, we have 1.5 billion ‘Bin Ladens’”?

Looks like you have some work to do with the “Religion of Peace™”, Mr. President.

As the German and British Embassies burn, Obama officials fall all over themselves to blame a crappy low-rent American film even as Obama skips his National Security briefings to campaign.

Obama == Nero



Hey look! Three years without a federal budget. So, if Obama inherited a shitty economy from Bush, why doesn’t he seem the slightest bit interested in actually doing something about it?

How was Vegas, Barack?

Tweet of the Day:

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