Democrats and Critical Thinking

Given the state of the economy, the trajectory of foreign events, or the division within our country, it is difficult to understand how Obama’s supporters can so easily give him the benefit of the doubt, continue to blame Bush and uncritically conclude that 4 more years of Obama is a good idea. But here we are. Stacy McCain hits on the point over at American Spectator:

it is a rare thing these days to encounter a Democrat who is both honest and intelligent. It has become a party of fools misled by clever liars, and the factual deficiencies of The Plan won’t dissuade any Democrat who still believes in the rainbows-and-unicorns fantasy of Obama the Lightworker. We’ve come to expect such delusions among the intelligentsia. What is astonishing is that any ordinary man could still be such a fool.

[Added:] Stacy McCain tweets:

He has a point… I was very generous with the use of the conjunction.

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