Benghazi, Obama and the Surreal Expectations of the Progressive Left

Ace has a post up relating to the Benghazi disaster, starting with a sharp tweet:

As @johnekdahl puts it: It was decided from the first moments that this wasn’t terrorism, because it would be politically harmful if it were terrorism.

It’s close, but there’s more to it. Obama’s foreign policy (in fact, his whole world view) is anchored on the idea that America, democracy and freedom are not only unwelcome in the world, but have been destructive. America is an arrogant, insensitive bully that has shoved its ideals down the world’s throat. If only American leadership could understand this and act on it, then we would have peace.

So along came Obama, acting on it. Hope and change. Bowing to foreign leaders, promising more flexibility after his reelection, mocking American exceptionalism and more, all meant to send the message to the world that we are a new, gentle, kind and sensitive nation. And definitely not interested in spreading those awful American values.

So Benghazi.

Thoroughly marinated in progressive dogma, Obama and his advisers were incapable of identifying the events of 9/11 as terrorism not because the truth was politically harmful, but because the event transpired in violation of their belief system.  The attack exposed the premise of Obama’s entire foreign policy worldview as tragically naive and dangerously misguided. I believe they watched the event live, in shock at what they saw and in denial that their policies not only failed to satisfy the terrorists, but actually encouraged and enabled them. After all, it was the exact opposite of what was supposed to happen, according to their worldview.

Please vote Romney on Tuesday. We can’t afford four more years of governance based the kind of wishful thinking that Barack Obama and his staff embrace and practice.


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