Climate Change Insanity Revisited

This stuff is getting so dumb, so insulting that it’s difficult to understand how anyone could possibly be taking it seriously. It’s embarrassing. Delivered with a straight face over at The Guardian, James Hansen has stepped up very unscientific arguments relating to global warming:

Hansen will argue that the challenge facing future generations from climate change is so urgent that a flat-rate global tax is needed to force immediate cuts in fossil fuel use. Hansen told the Guardian that the latest climate models had shown the planet was on the brink of an emergency. He said humanity faces repeated natural disasters from extreme weather events which would affect large areas of the planet.

Even though none of the models have been accurate, none of their predictions have come true, we are supposed to be alarmed by this one that is suddenly worth believing?

current generations have an over-riding moral duty to their children and grandchildren to take immediate action. Describing this as an issue of inter-generational justice on a par with ending slavery, Hansen said: “Our parents didn’t know that they were causing a problem for future generations but we can only pretend we don’t know because the science is now crystal clear.

Seriously. The science that is only settled by intimidation is now “Crystal Clear” suggesting an over-riding moral duty. Yep.  Global Warming is now a social justice issue on par with slavery. And this is said seriously. With a straight face. And they mean it:

“The situation we’re creating for young people and future generations is that we’re handing them a climate system which is potentially out of their control,” he said. “We’re in an emergency: you can see what’s on the horizon over the next few decades with the effects it will have on ecosystems, sea level and species extinction.”

Future generations. Potentially out-of-control. You can see what’s on the horizon. Translation: Not in our lifetimes. Can’t say for sure. Fear our predictions. Act on Fear.

The article continues:

Now 70, Hansen is regarded as one of the most influential figures in climate science; the creator of one of the first global climate models, his pioneering role in warning about global warming is frequently cited by climate campaigners such as former US vice president Al Gore and in earlier science prizes, including the $1m Dan David prize. He has been arrested more than once for his role in protests against coal energy.

They say that as if it’s supporting Hansen’s credibility. Climate Science is hardly science at all. It is clearly politicized and the money thrown at it is spent to pay for a preconceived result. It is activism, as evidenced by Hansen’s arrest.

But before the end of the article, the veil falls and we once again see the real reason for all of this alarmist activism:

The very rich and most profligate energy users, people with several homes, or private jets and fuel-hungry cars, would also be forced into dramatically changing their energy use.

Let’s ignore the fact that Hansen is describing Al Gore and himself.

Forced into dramatically changing. Why? Because apparently only rich people, home owners, travelers, and SUV drivers are creating evil CO2. Poor people, renters, homebodies and bike riders? Not an issue. Al Gore lectures you on how you can live and what level of success you will be allowed to achieve, and meanwhile you won’t mind living in your assigned shoebox apartment in the government district with your travel rations because they won’t allow you to mind. Now shut up.

[Added:] Interesting Graphic.

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