This Is Why We’re Doomed

Word of Hostess’ response to union demands at three of its plants is all over the news. It’s another “looking glass” moment for me. It’s surreal. You see the train coming, why do you jump into it’s path?

The makers of Wonder Bread and Twinkies declared bankruptcy earlier this year. Bankruptcy. Remember the good old days when bankruptcy carried negative connotations which suggested that a business’ health was poor and its longevity in doubt? Because they were broke? Well, apparently those days are over under Obama. Because even though Hostess declared bankruptcy, the bakers’ union went on strike for more.

In the middle of the worst economy since the great depression, the union ignored their responsibility to safeguard jobs. The union ignored the workers and their families. The union ignored the real implications of bankruptcy. And the union treated the whole episode as if it were a bluff or other sort of extended negotiation tactic. Those workers were sacrificed on the altar of Union Pride. Congratulations on your solidarity, Brothers.

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One Response to This Is Why We’re Doomed

  1. Drama says:

    Isn’t it just absurd that there’s a bakers union at Hostess anyway?

    Doesn’t the guy squirting the cream filing into the twinkies have a lock on that job seeing how much of a special skill it is?

    Jokes aside let’s face facts, unions serve two purposes now to protect the inept and incompetent teachers, cops, and twinkie creamers and to serve as political leverage.

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