Why We Are Doomed, Part 10,238 [Updated]

Sometimes it’s hard to even know where to start. So let’s cover the basics. The picture on the right is Lindsey Stone at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Next to a sign that says “Silence and Respect” she is flipping the bird and yelling (or acting as if she is yelling). Stone then posted the picture on her facebook page. Yes, she really is that fucking stupid. Twice over.

When the Interwebs found her picture, and it went viral, her reaction to the explosion?

Hey I'm Just A Douchebag

You stupid simpletons. Just because I was flipping off a sign that says Respect and yelling at a sign that says Silence, at one of the most hallowed and revered cemeteries in the country, OBVIOUSLY there’s no disrespect intended to those interred. Only a retard or a Romney voter would come to that jackassed conclusion. I’m a hip douchebag, unlike you, OBVIOUSLY. I’m a risk-taker and an Authority challenger. I smoke next to no smoking signs. I live on the edge.


So now that she’s erased her facebook account, and been suspended from her job for being sub human, the concern trolls are out in force wondering if it is worth ruining her life over. But it’s a bit late to be asking that question, yes? Lindsay should have asked herself that question 10 seconds before taking that picture, no?

Listen, at some point our culture will snap. Something will happen and everyone will suddenly realize what “The Real World” and Snookie have done to us: Killed our sense of decency. When the snap happens, there are going to be a lot of humans who can no longer act the part.

That picture shocks the hell out of me. Not because of what Stone is doing specifically, but because she acted in the absence of any impulse to stop herself. I’m embarrassed for her because she should be ashamed of herself. We chipmunks, even on the Dark Side, have a conscience, a little voice in our head that speaks to us and warns us when we’re doing something we should rethink. Like pausing to consider before darting into the street for that big acorn, or taking into account the unintended consequence before unleashing force-lightning at the damned paper boy. The results could be bad.

There’s a real problem. Stone isn’t alone. There are millions of people just like her.

[Updated:] Stone’s employer has terminated her. They were at Arlington National Cemetery on a company trip. There are still lots of “people” standing up for her right to free speech. Talk about not getting it. Lindsey is free to “speak her truth,” be herself and do stupid things. She is not free from the consequences of her actions.

It has only become apparent to me in the last 10 years or so. But millions of Americans really don’t seem to understand this whole “Freedom” thing.

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