Freedom: A Difficult Concept

Neil Heslin was the Sandy Hook father who wasn’t heckled during emotional testimony on gun control. Something he said stood out to me because it’s a shallow reframing of the argument I’m hearing more and more often (emphasis mine):

We don’t need these weapons on the street or in our homes. We don’t. And I ask everybody to think about it, and everybody in this room, whether you’re in favor of guns or in favor of banning them, to try to work together and come up with reasonable changes that work.

“In favor of guns or in favor of banning them.” FFS. This is why we can’t have nice things.

I’m NOT “in favor of guns” at all. But I’m very much in favor of freedom, specifically as outlined in the founding documents of our nation.

This “discussion” we’re having as a nation comes down to a simple choice: Either you’re in favor of freedom or you’re in favor of banning it.

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