This is Why We’re Doomed, Part 12,490

There are two particular commercials making the rounds that both have found a way under my skin. First up, Toyota and an advertisement for the Toyota Tundra:

These jokers actually narrate with the following, as they tow the now retired and defunct Space Shuttle to its museum (Straight from the “You Can’t Make This Up” Dept.):

Let’s Pinch our dreams. Let’s wake them up. Make them real.
Let’s not let anything hold us back. Not even 292,000 pounds.
Let’s keep our head in the stars, our feet on the ground, and nothing will be beyond our reach.
Toyota – Let’s Go Places

That’s not irony challenged, that’s freaking irony comatose. Yes, I appreciate the power of the truck. But, when I was a child man’s quest for the moon represented the best of us (“Us” meaning “Mankind” and our collective ability to overcome insurmountable odds). Today, the space program is an object of ridicule as we have no workable fleet to even service the ISS and the shuttle is a antiquated prop for a pickup. Great.

Second on my “Screw You, Dude” list: Nationwide Insurance.

Nationwide Commercial

Apparently the leftists at the helm really like the Occupy movement, as they parrot their rhetoric in virtually every commercial on the air, including or closing with the tag line:

“Nationwide puts members first, because they don’t have shareholders.”

Just speaking for myself, as a shareholder in many companies, the LAST thing I want is for a business to do is listen to me. I invest because I like their idea, business model, product, etc., and I want to help them be successful so I can be successful with my investment.

For example, if I invest in an insurance company, I want happy “members” who go right on paying their premiums with a smile. Meanwhile, I’d expect the “members” to understand my investment makes their insurer more financially sound and therefore capable of assisting them as designed, making their stock more attractive, …and you should be getting the point. What’s so nefarious?

But here we are. The scene of a truck pulling a relic across an overpass is “keeping our head in the stars” and “making our dreams real.” And people investing in insurance companies are, in reality, subverting insured Americans, because pop culture! It’s shocking. We act like a tribe of monkeys who found a baseball mitt and chatter to each other proudly about the great hat we found. What a bunch of arrogant douchebags.

Logic? Critical Thinking? Common sense, even? Who needs ’em? What could go wrong?

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