Our Twisted Government

Our Government overlords, knowing better than we citizens, are working every angle to get Those Evil Guns ™ out of the hands of ordinary law-abiding Americans. They’re introducing all kinds of new laws meant to change ammunition, change capacity, change tracking, change sales and more. They’re not apologetic for it. They’re doing it for our own good, you see.

Our Government betters are giving every appearance that they believe, because of Fast-and-furious, and stories like this, that the problem within the government is applicable across our entire society. After all, if the paragon of our enlightened culture, Our Government, is doing it, it can only be because of a larger problem in our country. Of course, when this kind of thing is happening, something must be done. So, new laws for citizens! But don’t expect our Government to clean up their act anytime soon (**cough** desired outcomes **cough**). Because shut up, Tea Party, gun nut, woman hater.

Guns are just one vector. The deeper problem is that our myopic Government representatives truly believe that we need them to handle guns, and many other things. But in my recollection, the government doesn’t help anything. It steps in, regulates, initiates a revenue generation system, and enables a bureaucracy focused on its own sustainability rather than the problem it was designed to address.

Obamacare is already headed this direction and we haven’t even gotten started. Pressure caused by cost analysis showing skyrocketing costs is making ACA supporters sweat. So watch as the entire focus of ACA shifts: The measure of success will turn to the economics – the financial bottom-line of the program. Cast aside for our own good will be the measure of quality of patient care. Golly, I wonder how that will turn out.

Whether we’re talking about Obamacare, the Second Amendment, NSA Surveillance or any other area where government is forcing its involvement, we citizens are the ones getting shafted. Our leaders and legislators pat themselves on the back, yet don’t have to live by the same rules they set up for us. It’s a twisted, grotesque vision of representation and freedom that’s being embraced by our current class of arrogant, shameless “leaders” inflicting their idiocy on the rest of us for our own damned good.

As Instapundit says: Tar. Feathers.

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