Rhetoric and Deliberate Misdirection

Caught acting poorly and called out for fomenting racial unrest, inventing a war on women and more, the Democrats are now condemning the “War of Rhetoric”:

Representative Emanuel Cleaver believes the “war on women” being pushed by his fellow Democrats is just as disingenuous as the Republican rhetoric that President Obama is engaged in a “war on religion.”

Pathetic. First, however, Rep. Cleaver should be commended for his effort. Recognizing that his fellow Democrats are disingenuous is an excellent start and an area of common agreement we can build on.

However, Representative Cleaver, it’s NOT a war on religion, it’s a war on Christianity. You’d have to be a fool not to recognize as much as progressives and the media who love to denigrate the Bible clinging¬†neanderthals in flyover country are perfectly happy to ignore and excuse Islam’s violence exhibited daily across the planet.

On the other hand, President Barack the Uniter did become directly involved when he called Sandra Fluke personally in the Rush Limbaugh kerfuffle, and when he said if he had a son he would look like Trayvon Martin, adding fuel to an unstable and already ugly situation in Sanford Florida. Very Presidential.

Yet to people like Rep. Cleaver, it’s all relative. So shut up, Republicans.

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