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Embracing Mediocrity

From the “You Can’t make This Up” Department, Time Magazine has a shameless piece working breathlessly to remove any remaining stigma associated with adults who live with their parents in an article titled, “Being 30 and Living With Your Parents … Continue reading

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Student Unimpressed With Obama Using Her as a Prop

Columbia Political Review has an article by a young graduate Ayelet Pearl who was present during President Obama’s commencement address this weekend. While she described the speech as beautiful, motivating and meaningful, she also seemed to see beyond the curtain … Continue reading

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College Loan Burden: Problem Solved

Frank J over at IMAO brings some snarky perspective to the student loan drama: It does seem like an idiotic situation we’re in, but since it seems to be mainly a government made problem, I’m not sure how more government … Continue reading

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GPA Redistribution: “How about trying harder for a semester?“

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Discrimination, Diversity and Relativism

Progressives are the self-identified banner carriers for having open minds, embracing diversity and celebrating differences. Sadly, everywhere you look, the reality is that progressives aren’t that open minded, their diversity only goes so far and certain differences are clearly discouraged. … Continue reading

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Questions, Curiosity and Critical Thinking

Peter Wood has an article over at the Chronicle titled, “How to Ask a Question” where he recounts a recent experience observing a college debate and the question and answer session that followed. Wood discusses some of the problems encountered … Continue reading

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