Wasington Post Takes Obtuse to the Next Level

The Washington Post has a couple articles this morning, one that made me giggle and one that infuriated me.

Humorously, the article titled, Trayvon Shot at Close Range drops the startling bombshell that prosecutors released documents showing that Trayvon was shot at close range and had been in a struggle. Yes, even though it’s exactly what Zimmerman said, WaPo is shocked.

Irritatingly, another article titled, Mitt Romney distances himself from racially fueled proposal to attack Obama involves Romney repudiating a proposed ad by a Special Interest Group not related to Romney’s campaign exposing hush money paid to Jeremiah Wright.

First, even though the media is attacking Romney for a vacation episode with a dog from the ’80’s, and a High School bullying incident from the 60’s, the Post takes offense at Romney supporters who “resurrect a 4-year old controversy.” Seriously: 30 and 50 year old controversies are OK against Romney, but 4 years is off limits against Obama.

Secondly, the article clearly states, both in the headline and in the body, that the proposal was racially fueled. Interestingly enough, there isn’t a single word about why race is highlighted in the piece, much less is any sort of evidence presented to support that ugly divisive charge. Not. One. Word. So “Shut up, racists!”

And finally, and perhaps most telling of the desperation, the article trotted out the incident when Romney did not challenge a supporter who declared at an Ohio rally this month that Obama “should be tried for treason” and when he declined to condemn radio host Rush Limbaugh for calling a Georgetown law student a “slut.” Completely ignoring that an Obama supporter shouted “Traitor” at the mention of Romney’s name during an Obama Town Hall and Obama hasn’t condemned Bill Maher for calling a Vice-Presidential candidate a “cunt.”

Yep. You can’t make this stuff up.

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