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Quote Of The Day That Is Real But Fake

“I can hear Putin laughing from my porch.” -Sarah Palin

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Palin On The Real Choice

Hat Tip Hot Air: If this go-around you don’t know who you dislike more or like more, Romney or Obama — this go-around, give Romney a shot.  We don’t want to repeat the failed policies of President Obama.  That’s insanity, … Continue reading

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Are You Listening, GOP?

Sarah Palin on Hannity: “Some of These GOP Operatives Have the Fighting Instinct of Mr. Snuffleupagus” We’re long past the time for kid gloves and tippy toes. H/T Gateway Pundit

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Wasington Post Takes Obtuse to the Next Level

The Washington Post has a couple articles this morning, one that made me giggle and one that infuriated me. Humorously, the article titled, Trayvon Shot at Close Range drops the startling bombshell that prosecutors released documents showing that Trayvon was … Continue reading

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Who’d Have Thought?

Palin, Kingmaker. Suck it, liberal haters. The Schadenfreude from the progressive’s karmic meltdown is giving me whiplash. It’s an exquisite pain.

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And More Progressive Tolerance

Jim Hoft has a post over at Gateway Pundit pointing out the left’s continuing obsessive hatred of Sarah Palin. Chicago Art Museum has a new display. The sculpture, called “We’re Havin’ a Tea Pear-ody,” doubles as a working stove, and … Continue reading

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The Hypocrisy of Civility and Imposed Fairness in Our Free Society

Professor Jacobson has a great entry up at Legal Insurrection breaking down the nastiness towards Ann Romney that can be traced back to Sarah Palin: Finding happiness through a stubborn refusal to accept the state as master not as servant. It’s … Continue reading

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