Progressive Feminist Journalist Charged With Hate Crime For Assisting Muslim Woman with Groceries

Breitbart is reporting that a British Journalist has been charged with a hate crime in connection with an incident between herself and a Muslim couple in a grocery store. The journalist, Cinnamon Heathcote-Drury was in line at the check out when she noticed that the husband in a Muslim couple was not assisting his wife with placing the items on the conveyor. After becoming impatient, Heathcote-Drury confronted the husband, and then moved past him to assist his wife. Unfortunately, her words and deeds were offensive to the couple who cried racism, summoned police and had the feminist arrested.

From the article:

Like most journalists, this woman thought herself to be following the prescriptions of liberal principles. She thought she was being the queen of feminism, all-knowing and caring about the plight of minorities as she was taught to be. Yet, here she is accused of racism — of a hate crime, even!

How can it be?

We must realize, of course, that this Muslim man’s indifference to his wife’s toils is typical in many Muslim cultures. The groceries would be “women’s work,” after all. Women are often second-class citizens. And in the male-dominated Muslim world, women do all the work for the home and children. Everything.

Keeping with her ideology, this feminist journalist thought she was going to bully the Muslim man into following her ideas of how he should comport himself. Yet, even as she thought she was giving this male chauvinist a lesson in the niceties of western liberalism, her own ideology is the one responsible for allowing countless undocumented immigrants into her country, allowing them to bring their backwards, chauvinist ways to her local grocery store while telling them that this same culture is just as good as the west’s.

Her liberal ideology is responsible for giving this Muslim couple no reason at all to adopt her cultural ways. So, why should this Muslim man help his wife, anyway? His culture doesn’t allow for that, and this journalist’s culture is telling him that his culture is a-okay.

The fact that the Muslim couple then used the weakness in the journalist’s own culture to attack her by perverting her so-called “hate crime” laws — well, that is just too funny.

In the end, this journalist was lucky. Her court system returned a not guilty verdict for her. She was let off the hook. But the next pushy journalist — or other citizen — might not be so lucky. The next one may be thrown in jail because of liberalism gone wild.

Lucky. I wonder how the court system in Saudi Arabia or Syria would have handled it?

Progressives love them some “Hate” crime. As long as they get to define “Hate.” The last thing they expect is that their pre-defined victim class will find their helpful and enlightened ideology to be hateful, intolerant and racist. And ultimately self-defeating.

Sometimes, “I told you so” just doesn’t cut it.

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