Salon Defends Convicted Domestic Terrorist

It’s incredible, unconscionable that anyone of sane mind would actually step forward to defend perjurer, drug smuggler and convicted (and unrepentant) Speedway bomber Brett Kimberlin. Yet here it is, an article in Salon unapologetically covering for Kimberlin while shamelessly ignoring huge aspects of the story and refusing to interview key players. From Patterico:

Pareene did not bother to contact me for the piece, and he does not say that he attempted to contact any other victim of Kimberlin’s besides “charming neo-Confederate blogger Robert Stacy McCain.” But he did interview Kimberlin, and his post has many self-serving quotes from Kimberlin, complaining about being “Swift-boated” and about how this is all politics. And Pareene gets numerous facts flat-out wrong.

Check out Patterico’s piece and, if you can stomach it, Salon’s crap. Yes, crap. Alex Pareene is such a blind ideological pillock and journalistic hack that he can’t even fathom how Kimberlin’s lawfare tactics are a danger to free speech for all of us, regardless of political ideology. He’d rather wring his hands and sell the concern troll spin that a few right-wing bloggers are obsessed with a weird but otherwise brilliant guy who claimed to sell Quayle pot. Insulting garbage.

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