The New Civility In The Age Of Leftist Progress

Adam Smith infamously filmed himself at Chick-fil-A berating a drive-thru employee and generally acting like a belligerent jerk. The next day, Spencer Thayer taunted a homeless street preacher at Chick-fil-A, later bragging on facebook that it was hilarious and he continued, “I have no problem admitting I was being a total dick. But no less of a dick than this f*ck.” We witness Harry Reid, one of the most powerful and influential men on the planet, broadcast a bold-faced lie on the floor of the United States Senate, on the record, in a shameless effort to smear Mitt Romney. Nancy Pelosi not only supports Reids lie publicly, but she adds her own smear of conservatives, calling us “The E-coli Club.” Immediately after the Sikh shooting, there was talk of a gun-nut conservative and charges were leveled at the NRA. Now the narrative is that the shooter is a right-wing white-supremecist neo-nazi. And that’s just the last couple of weeks. Do I need to reach back a bit further to the Aurora shooting and the false narrative? Or back further still to recall the brutal and false characterizations of the tea party as tea baggers, racists, extreme, violent, disgusting? Or Gabby Giffords’ tragic shooting that was immediately blamed on the rhetoric from the right?

I can go on. And on. And on. And on.

Meanwhile, what our eyes actually witness is quite different indeed from this stage set that has been created. Adam Smith’s repugnant act was so universally rebuked that he has been fired from his job and has fled his home with his family in tow. Spencer Thayer is a self-identified Occupy Chicago member. You remember them: The “peaceful grassroots movement that is the opposite of the tea party.” AKA the violent, message-deficient leftists who turn parks into toxic, criminal homeless encampments and destroy everything in their paths, smashing windows and vandalizing property while demanding “justice,” while the Tea Party can gather thousands in scheduled, organized events that have a specific message, are peaceful and the people clean up after themselves when they’re through.

Conservatives and Americans who support free speech hold an appreciation day for Chick-fil-A where record sales and a quiet, patient crowd made a simple powerful statement that didn’t result in any reports of violence, vandalism, arrests or anything else. Followed by a beligerent “kiss-in” meant to taunt, that was preceded by several reports of spray paint vandalism, and attendance by various open-minded leftist activists wearing “Jesus is a C*nt” and “I had gay sex at Chick-fil-A” among many other colorful t-shirts.

I haven’t gotten back to Thayer and his progressive tolerance. I haven’t talked about Reid and Pelosi and embracing the fascist principle of “Guilty until proven innocent.” I haven’t gotten to the Sikh shooting, the “right-wing” oversimplification, and Godwin’s Law. I haven’t pointed out that the conservative desire to ease certain regulation does NOT equate to erasing all regulation because I want to kill the Earth, ffs.

But that’s the political environment in which we live and operate. At every turn deliberate misrepresentation abounds as the left will say anything and do anything to smear, denigrate and distort their opposition in what can only be described as an undeclared, “Cold Civil War” where the Progressives, led by the President of the United States, shamefully use jealous class warfare, race-baiting, gender, sexuality, and anything else they can, to divide us and pit us against one another so that we’ll be too distracted to notice the utter and ongoing failure of every aspect of the President’s and the Democrats’ leftist progressive agenda.

And I ask again, what happens when good and reasonable people are pushed too far?

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