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The New Civility, Part 3,968

Occupy Wall Street anarchists and many progressives believe that property damage doesn’t hurt anyone. Back in May I wrote a piece noting that Brandon Kiley is just one of many self-loathing Americans who believes: Smashing a window is not violence, … Continue reading

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The New Civility In The Age Of Leftist Progress

Adam Smith infamously filmed himself at Chick-fil-A berating a drive-thru employee and generally acting like a belligerent jerk. The next day, Spencer Thayer taunted a homeless street preacher at Chick-fil-A, later bragging on facebook that it was hilarious and he … Continue reading

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Shamelessly Worshiping in the Cult of Personality

Maureen Dowd had an absolutely marvelous piece on Obama in Sunday’s NY Times, titled, “Dreaming of a Superhero.” Seriously. On Friday, an ugly job market report led to the stock market’s worst day of the year. As the recovery flat-lined, … Continue reading

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Malkin Schools Williams

It must be really rough on talking heads like Williams, trying so desperately to push The Narrative while the Occupy movement shoots itself in the foot time and time again. Of course, like many others, Williams tries to equate the … Continue reading

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Occupy, Jesus and False Moral Equivalence

The Occupy Movement continues to linger, using May 1st and vandalism to keep themselves in the news and attempt to maintain some form of relevance. But the excuses for the ugly criminals from the media and the left are really … Continue reading

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Dude. “I will bleed on everything you love” Seriously.

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You know that meme about how progressives and liberals care so much about the Earth and are so responsible and green? And the meme about how conservatives hate the planet and want to destroy our environment and act irresponsibly at … Continue reading

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