A Staggering Double Standard

Recently, you may have read about bacon found near a Muslim gathering to celebrate Ramadan:

Police were investigating Monday an incident that could be a hate crime targeting Staten Island Muslims.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said three packages of raw bacon was found on a football field in New Dorp Beach park on Sunday morning, just before a ceremony marking Eid al-Fitr, the end of Ramadan, was set to take place there.

Meanwhile, a statue of the Virgin Mary was “vandalized” by having its head removed at a church in St Louis. What’s more:

On Aug. 13, people coming to an early Monday morning Mass found the head returned to the bottom of the pedestal, with Satanic inscriptions in red and blood drawn dripping from the corners of Our Lady’s mouth to make her look like a vampire. Father Harrison described it as “a horrible act of desecration.”


A police spokesman said there is no indication of a hate crime and that right now it is being treated as a vandalism.

So let’s recap: Leaving bacon on the ground isn’t wasting food or littering, it’s a hate crime against Muslims. But desecrating a Christian statue of the Virgin Mary on Church property by cutting off her head, then returning it with satanic inscriptions isn’t a hate crime,  it’s simple vandalism.

What’s next? Arrests of people eating bacon in their homes, charged with insensitivity and a hate crime against Islam? Meanwhile, perhaps all Christian statues should be outlawed and destroyed to discourage any more of these reasonable instances of vandalism.

What could go wrong?

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