Christian Persecution

Just yesterday I snarked about the disparate treatment of Islam and Christianity in America, using the bacon incident as example of what is a hate crime, and the removal of the Virgin Mary’s head at a church as example of what is not a hate crime. My point was that we’re losing our minds tiptoeing around the Muslims while we spit on Christians as sub-humans. Soon, I’ll be arrested for BBQing baby back ribs in my back yard. And at the same time, they’ll remove all of the Christian statues and representations, because that way, people who are rightly offended won’t destroy them.

Well, it’s not in America, yet. But, as Raymond Ibrahim reports (Hat Tip: Weasel Zippers), in Egypt:

at least seventeen Christian bookstores in Shubra, one of Cairo’s largest districts, are under threat for selling Christian icons and statues. The storeowners, who are “in panic,” say they received threat letters by mail demanding that they stop selling their “idolatry.”

Among other things, the letters, copies of which were presented to Youm-7, say “We warn you Nassara [Koran’s derogatory term for Christians] to cease your foul trade, whereby you sell filthy idols.”

I swear I was just kidding. I’m not a psychic. I was just being sarcastic. But idolatry?!  Take a moment and let that sink in: Jesus crucified is a filthy idol.

But yea. Religion of Peace ™

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