More On Boycotts: Arby’s Hates Conservatives

The left didn’t stop with their boycott threats to Coca-Cola. Yesterday they went after Arby’s with great success, as Arby’s began blocking everyone on Twitter who complained.

So now the culture war is being fought in grocery stores and fast food restaurants by brand names and big corporations. Funny how big evil corporations are great people when they cave to a leftist boycott. Fine. No more Coke for me. No more Arby’s. As harsh activist politics finds its way into every aspect of our lives, each of us is left to choose whether to ignore it, support it, or fight in the Culture War.

Like I’ve said: Prejudice is prejudice. So I fall back into the shadows and join the war. I didn’t want it. But here I am. And I am ALL IN.

Exit Question: Do you think Arby’s and Coca-Cola will feel betrayed when their liberal masters turn and demand the end to Coke and Arby’s “Corporate Personhood?”

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