More on Arby’s, Coke, Et. Al.

I read an article from May 25, 2011 at Mashable on the eating habits of conservatives and liberals. It seems to me that Coke, Arby’s and other similar companies who are caving to liberal pressure may want to pay some attention, although none of the eating habits are surprising. You see, liberals don’t drink as much soda and don’t eat as much fast food as conservatives. That’s not a brag or anything other than simple fact. Liberals are well known to prefer healthier meal choices. That’s not a dig, but acknowledgement and reason to question Arby’s and Coke’s corporate sanity:

  • Liberals are 29% more likely to not drink soda.
  • Liberals are 92% more likely to eat fast food rarely or never.
  • Conservatives are 64% more likely to eat fast food a few times per week.

As The Atlantic notes, Arby’s is messing with the wrong slice of America.

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