NBC Continues The Narrative

The scandal surrounding NBC’s selective editing of the George Zimmerman 911 tape continues to grow. It seems that the folks at NBC are working their way through their web content and scrubbing news items that refer to the edited version. Tom Maguire has the details over at Wait one Minute. Hat tip Jim Treacher over at Daily Caller. Both pieces add to the story, with Maguire laying down the detail and Treacher offering video and additional smack down. Treacher also points out that the NY Daily News has scrubbed that unbelievable piece about heavily armed Neo-Nazi’s patrolling Sanford, Fla. Yes, shocking to hear that the media actively lies to your face and then cravenly scrubs the stories after. It almost gives the appearance of deliberate manipulation of the facts… if I were paying attention, that is.

Remember: Fox News is fake (and they’re evil), NBC is fake but accurate (and they’re just looking out for you), and things Republicans say are true but false (and they can’t be trusted). Orwell Lives.

Exit Question: Do you think anyone has noticed?

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