Asian Glaciers Adding Ice Mass

Inconvenient truth indeed:

A French team used satellite data to show that glaciers in part of the Karakoram range, to the west of the Himalayan region, are putting on mass.

I guess nobody told the glaciers that there is a consensus among scientists that they’re not supposed to do that. Lead researcher Julie Gardelle said:

“We don’t really know the reason. Right now we believe that it could be due to a very specific regional climate over Karakoram because there have been meteorological measurements showing increased winter precipitation, but that’s just a guess at this stage.

“We don’t know.” And “that’s just a guess.” Yep. The top minds in climate science don’t know and are guessing. Yet just last week Climate Change Alarmist James Hansen said that the science is now crystal clear. So which is it?

I’m guessing BOTH! I’m sure an environmentalist or some other -ist will attribute this glacier growth to Global Warming any minute now. Oh, look! It’s Senior Meteorologist Jim Andrews:

Put another way, a relatively dry, high mountain area such as the Karakoram could conceivably get increased snowfall in a warming global climate, if the changing climate led to higher precipitation.

Getting colder? Global Warming. Getting hotter? Global Warming. Less rain? Global Warming. More rain? Global Warming. Less snow? Global Warming. More snow? Global Warming. Less Hurricanes? Global Warming. More Hurricanes? Global Warming. Melting glaciers? Global Warming. Expanding glaciers? Global Warming.

Starting to see a pattern?

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