Our Twisted Government

Our Government overlords, knowing better than we citizens, are working every angle to get Those Evil Guns ™ out of the hands of ordinary law-abiding Americans. They’re introducing all kinds of new laws meant to change ammunition, change capacity, change tracking, change sales and more. They’re not apologetic for it. They’re doing it for our own good, you see.

Our Government betters are giving every appearance that they believe, because of Fast-and-furious, and stories like this, that the problem within the government is applicable across our entire society. After all, if the paragon of our enlightened culture, Our Government, is doing it, it can only be because of a larger problem in our country. Of course, when this kind of thing is happening, something must be done. So, new laws for citizens! But don’t expect our Government to clean up their act anytime soon (**cough** desired outcomes **cough**). Because shut up, Tea Party, gun nut, woman hater.

Guns are just one vector. The deeper problem is that our myopic Government representatives truly believe that we need them to handle guns, and many other things. But in my recollection, the government doesn’t help anything. It steps in, regulates, initiates a revenue generation system, and enables a bureaucracy focused on its own sustainability rather than the problem it was designed to address.

Obamacare is already headed this direction and we haven’t even gotten started. Pressure caused by cost analysis showing skyrocketing costs is making ACA supporters sweat. So watch as the entire focus of ACA shifts: The measure of success will turn to the economics – the financial bottom-line of the program. Cast aside for our own good will be the measure of quality of patient care. Golly, I wonder how that will turn out.

Whether we’re talking about Obamacare, the Second Amendment, NSA Surveillance or any other area where government is forcing its involvement, we citizens are the ones getting shafted. Our leaders and legislators pat themselves on the back, yet don’t have to live by the same rules they set up for us. It’s a twisted, grotesque vision of representation and freedom that’s being embraced by our current class of arrogant, shameless “leaders” inflicting their idiocy on the rest of us for our own damned good.

As Instapundit says: Tar. Feathers.

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More Racism from Those Wingers

Clearly, the only possible explanation for the following video is unhinged and seething racism.

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The Problem With Immigration

The devil’s in the details. Or at least that’s what we’re seeing on Capitol Hill, and hearing from pundits and bloggers paying attention to all the drama surrounding the Immigration Bill and the Gang of Eight. I suppose all of that is fine. Except for one thing.

No one has pointed out that there is a distinct difference between immigration and Citizenship, and the two have become decoupled. This is a serious problem. And rather than addressing the simple fact that there is already a path to Citizenship, we’ve devolved to belly-button analysis where illegal aliens are being recast as “Immigrants,” even though their immigration has nothing to do with becoming American.

Today, Citizenship and assimilation is unimportant, or worse, it’s denigrated. The melting pot is outmoded, outdated, and even racist and today’s sensitive leaders encourage immigrants to retain their homeland’s customs and language. What could go wrong? Ask Sweden.

When my Italian Grandmother came over here as WWII was breaking out, she had to have a sponsor, had to show that she wanted to become American (not just come to America), and she had to learn English. It was a distinct difference that she always talked about with pride. She wasn’t powerless. She came over, was able to interact with people (anyone, not just Italians), she wasn’t stuck in a borough due to a language barrier, and so was able to choose anywhere to go. Eventually, she owned a restaurant / bar in California with her husband and realized the American Dream. Can you imagine?

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Gun Banners Don’t Understand Basic Firearms Terms

Apparently, elected officials who are trying to enact legislation relating to firearms bans, ammunition taxes, required insurance and universal background checks don’t even understand the most basic aspects of firearms technology.

Last night in San Fransisco President Obama mistakenly stated that the Newtown shooting was committed with an automatic weapon:

I just came from Denver, where the issue of gun violence is something that has haunted families for way too long, and it is possible for us to create common-sense gun safety measures that respect the traditions of gun ownership in this country and hunters and sportsmen, but also make sure that we don’t have another 20 children in a classroom gunned down by a semiautomatic weapon — by a fully automatic weapon in that case, sadly.

I know I’m prejudiced for mentioning that the President is mistaken and that the Newtown shooting was committed with semi-automatic weapons. Fully automatic weapons were not involved, but I’m only pointing this out because I hate black people and I can’t stand to see an African-American in the White House. And neither can the New York Times, who said the following about Adam Lanza’s Newtown crime:

At the school, he used a Bushmaster XM15-E2S semiautomatic rifle to fire 154 shots, the statement said. The police also found 10 30-round magazines for the gun, many of them partly or fully emptied.

Mr. Lanza also carried two semiautomatic handguns, one of which he used to kill himself. The police found a 12-gauge shotgun in the car he drove to the school.

Racist bastards, all.

The President of the United States is either deliberately misrepresenting the facts, or he is ignorant of them. Obama is attacking the 2nd Amendment on a campaign-style roadshow to influence popular opinion while either lying or displaying a horrific vacuum of knowledge.

And his supporters lap it up. Motivated by fear and ignorance, and questioning none of their mistaken assumptions, the 2nd Amendment deniers lash out at the easiest target they can find: scary guns and their racist extremist owners. But we’ll never hear them talk about people and murder. Because saving lives and enacting common sense measures to end violence isn’t what they’re really interested in.

[Updated:] Ace and Jake Tapper put a period under the exclamation point:

I tried to be more clear about how preposterous and stupid this syndrome is– “Let’s ban things we don’t even understand!”

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“Easter? What’s That?” Says Google

Google, the largest and most successful search engine on the planet wants you to know all about today, Easter Sunday, the day Christianity celebrates the mystery of Christ’s death and resurrection. Oh wait:

Google Screenshot

Cesar Chavez’ 86th Birthday

Google basically says “Screw You” to 2 billion Christians and instead alternately celebrates a leftist labor leader’s birthday. But there’s no war on Christianity. Meanwhile, this makes it pretty clear that the left indeed has a religion of their own.

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Zuckerman on Economics and Politics

From the Wall Street Journal:

What the administration gives us is politics. What the country needs are constructive strategies free of ideology. But the risks of future economic shocks will multiply so long as we remain locked in a rancorous political culture with a leadership more inclined to public relations than hardheaded pragmatic recognition of what must be done to restore America’s vitality.

Restoring America’s vitality. Call me crazy, but I don’t believe for a second that Barack Obama is even slightly interested in restoring America’s vitality. I doubt we even agree on what that means…

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This is Why We’re Doomed, Part 12,490

There are two particular commercials making the rounds that both have found a way under my skin. First up, Toyota and an advertisement for the Toyota Tundra:

These jokers actually narrate with the following, as they tow the now retired and defunct Space Shuttle to its museum (Straight from the “You Can’t Make This Up” Dept.):

Let’s Pinch our dreams. Let’s wake them up. Make them real.
Let’s not let anything hold us back. Not even 292,000 pounds.
Let’s keep our head in the stars, our feet on the ground, and nothing will be beyond our reach.
Toyota – Let’s Go Places

That’s not irony challenged, that’s freaking irony comatose. Yes, I appreciate the power of the truck. But, when I was a child man’s quest for the moon represented the best of us (“Us” meaning “Mankind” and our collective ability to overcome insurmountable odds). Today, the space program is an object of ridicule as we have no workable fleet to even service the ISS and the shuttle is a antiquated prop for a pickup. Great.

Second on my “Screw You, Dude” list: Nationwide Insurance.

Nationwide Commercial

Apparently the leftists at the helm really like the Occupy movement, as they parrot their rhetoric in virtually every commercial on the air, including or closing with the tag line:

“Nationwide puts members first, because they don’t have shareholders.”

Just speaking for myself, as a shareholder in many companies, the LAST thing I want is for a business to do is listen to me. I invest because I like their idea, business model, product, etc., and I want to help them be successful so I can be successful with my investment.

For example, if I invest in an insurance company, I want happy “members” who go right on paying their premiums with a smile. Meanwhile, I’d expect the “members” to understand my investment makes their insurer more financially sound and therefore capable of assisting them as designed, making their stock more attractive, …and you should be getting the point. What’s so nefarious?

But here we are. The scene of a truck pulling a relic across an overpass is “keeping our head in the stars” and “making our dreams real.” And people investing in insurance companies are, in reality, subverting insured Americans, because pop culture! It’s shocking. We act like a tribe of monkeys who found a baseball mitt and chatter to each other proudly about the great hat we found. What a bunch of arrogant douchebags.

Logic? Critical Thinking? Common sense, even? Who needs ’em? What could go wrong?

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